What is your video ?

To make a great video you need to start with answering these questions rather than I just need video. A video with purpose will always come out on top. 


Ask yourself these questions 

  • What is the title of your project?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What will be the stages shown in the video?  Ie: what exercises? 
  • *Best to plan out what you will be doing and we can help you with how you will present it.
  • Do you have a location you’d like to film in ?
  • Will you need any interviews?
  • Do you have a style you’d like to use? Ie are there any videos you’ve seen. Please send a link
  • Estimated length of video?
  • Why are you wanting to make a video?  Ie: part of your marketing plan, promote health?
  • What dates are you looking to film?  Please factor in your availability, prep time to organise the filming and people who are involved in the video.
  • What type of action would you like people to have after watching the video? 
  • When do you need the video completed by?  A specific event?
  • How will you distribute the video?