What makes a good video story?

Everyone has a story to tell, so what are our tips to tell it right?

 Videos that are interesting to watch

Videos that are interesting to watch

With the New Year off to a roaring start its a good time to start planning your video. The question is, how do you start planning when you don't know what makes a good video story.

Many people tell me they feel overwhelmed by everything they have to learn. There's so many technical bits and pieces but what about the storytelling? What happens to your creativity if you’re spending most of your brainpower on the technical aspects of videography?  

Here are some tips about how best to approach a video story:

  • Understand that video storytelling is different than writing a story for print. You can take your viewer on a journey that stimulates sight AND sound but remember your journey must have a particular point or message to tell in order to keep people watching.    
  • Long talking head narratives, with lots of fact and figures and little supporting overlay video, will put the viewer to sleep. 
  • Some video stories can be just music and great video but the visuals need to still tell a story. 
  • If you have a lot to say, do a series of videos. Define the purpose early, so your viewer is hooked within 20 - 30 seconds.
  • Visuals that connect to your narrative are important. Show the viewer what your video subjects are talking about not leaves glittering in the sun because its pretty. 
  • Visual variety and shot selection keep eyeballs glued to your video. Too many flat pictures can be boring. 
  • Finally, editing your footage and spending time crafting a story is just part of the workflow. Get the story right first and then worry about the technical, fancy stuff. If your story is good enough it may not need bells and whistles! 

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