The rub on a Facebook story

You know you want to tell your story with video and put it on Facebook but where do you start?

Putting myself in your shoes I went to the first place that a majority of people go when they need to solve a problem or get something done. The keeper of all knowledge "Google"  

 I was confronted with a meaty 339,000,000 results. Ouch!  Who has time for that sort of research these days. A video example is waaaaaay better so I set a little challenge for the THM crew.  

We'd seen some of the work Saltwood Designs had been doing and loved it. Karl's bespoke business would be a great example for producing a shareable video on Facebook. Its so visual and his stunning work would pop on screen.  Would he be a willing participant for our short n sharp production challenge ? Indeeedy .. Yay, Thanks Karl :)

Our challenge was to produce a video that was under 2 minutes long, uploaded to Facebook and needed to give you the brief low down of Karl's business.  As it was a passion project we only had half the usual production time to do it in. Arrrr

Where do we start ? In the 20 years I've been producing video projects, clients will always hear us ask these 3 main questions at the start of a project and here's why we ask them.

Where’s the video going? Although everything is online each platform has a certain audience and way to digest your video. This video is to be released on Facebook so the main aim is to stylise the video for the auto play rollover without audio. Intriguing pictures from the start that tell a story without any sound.  

Next, what's the video trying to achieve? Awareness is our main aim.  Karl's work speaks for itself and he has many repeat clients however in a world full of renovation and rejuvenation, we want to spread the word outside his current network that Karl is a man who can create furniture with a difference. We want the right people knocking on Karl's door.  

Lastly and most importantly, where do we want people to go after the video stops? This video is short so our aim is give people an insight to Karl and his business. We want people to be curious enough to want to know more either by visiting his website or looking at his Instagram page. 

Remember when people are looking at you and your brand they're on a journey too. Just like a great story you need to know where you want to take the viewer and have content when they get there. 

Need some help? Call us for a video and a  video strategy.   

By Nicole Doick