Increase your reach with Facebook - It works !

Everyone tells you Facebook is amazing and although I know it can be mind blowing I never really realise how amazing.

Mostly I use it for looking at funny videos or to live vicariously through my friends who travel.  Ahhh, those were the days. 

Now I can't stop talking about one of the most powerful platforms on this planet.  My tale begins on a frosty Monday morning. As I rushed out of my front door, I look to the front verge where my beloved Kombi letterbox once stood proudly waiting for fan-mail (lol, as if )

As I rub my eyes and stop in my tracks, all I can see is a mountain of sand and one big hole in the ground.  The Kombi's been STOLEN !

 They managed to leave the weeds !

They managed to leave the weeds !

So disgusted by this selfish act I take to social media in the hope that the Power of People would bring the Kombi home.  Did I think it would work ? Nahhh not really, but it didn't stop me from trying.  

I contacted the local paper with my tale of woe but I needed a faster more instant reach to everyone, even people I didn't know.  FACEBOOK 

I take to my homepage and  post pictures of the kombi and how I miss it.  Bills now don't have a safe haven to rest. Not that I am complaining. 

As time ticks past the list of people chatting about the stolen Kombi grows. Momentum increases as other Facebook friends reposted my distress. Comments and giggles circle the globe. The hunt for the yellow Kombi is now in full swing. 

Kate interviews the postie on camera to keep the story alive. He misses the Kombi terribly.  

A few days pass and Sandie (THM's PR Guru) contacts 94.5 radio in the hope they will send the story to orbit on their FB page.  They post our plight and comments.  Likes and posts hit triple figures.  I wonder if someone in Antarctica has seen the pictures in their newsfeed ? Probably

Its been gone for 5 days now and my phone keeps pinging as I receive yet another comment or like.  Back at the ranch Kate pulls into the driveway and almost drives into the house, she can't believe her eyes the Kombi's back.  The neighbour comes running down, "a guy found it buried just across the road and said his uncle had talked about how it was all over facebook" 

Whilst many questions still remain about where the Kombi travelled  in those few days, I'd like to thank the stranger who brought it back. You didn't have to but you did and we are very thankful.

With our lives being online, 24hr news and devices that record every moment, no-one can hide but on a lighter side people can also help.

 I can now say I've seen the power of social media with my own eyes and its AWESOME ! 

The reach of something worth sharing can generate not only fabulous results but it lets you know just how people feel. Its isn't about the odd post or picture, or a half thought out comment. It's about strategy, creativity and planning. Tailor the message to the medium and watch it work miracles.  

As for the Kombi,  I've taken the many posts of advice I received over those 5 days.  The Kombi now has two bags of cement at its feet and a car alarm.  She ain't going nowhere but she is famous everywhere!

Pics below of our cementing ceremony with our neighbours and the cementing handy work of Robert. Thanks everyone.