How Silly is it to be Sensible?

I was listening to a podcast today and a man named Jonathan talked about having room for a little bit of silliness in your life.  I totally agree ! 

Often we follow the safe path in business, especially small business because we have limited resources and no time to veer outside the middle ground of apparent safety. 

So why can't his middle ground include something that's a little bit silly or a little bit light or a little bit fun?

At THM we believe even when we have to be a little bit grown up and restrained there's always room for fun because life is in essence is about having fun, taking risks and going on adventures.

This got me to thinking of my fondest memories and how we strive everyday in our work to keep the fun alive even in our boring tasks like admin ! 

Jonathan went on to say "Show me where the truly sensible people are, Show me where the great reward for living a life which is ticking all the right boxes but not touching the right parts of your heart. Your heart needs to be addressed, its needs , its feelings need to be respected. Theres nothing silly about giving that a level of priority" 

Here, here Jonathan !

You don’t need to be reckless, you dont need to push boundaries too far in all directions but what if following the crowd and playing it safe has limited your horizons. There's been too much fear and not quite enough fun.

Reach for something that will give you more fulfilment and bring more magic into your life.

It may just be the key that opens up a whole bunch of solutions. 

That's not so silly is it ?