Prepare to be Interviewed

Just relax, imagine the camera isn't even there. Easier said than done.

We know that sometimes having a lens starring at you isn't something your comfortable with but these tips will help you to turn what you think will be a hard experience into what will seem like a friendly chat when you watch the final video.



When your nervous you tend to talk like a runaway train. Hoping that if you say the answer fast the interview might be over faster. It won't ! It also makes you look like you are not credible so breathe, take pauses to collect your thoughts and keep the answers fairly short so you don't lose your way. 


Don't Script it

Ask the interviewer or Producer what they are looking to target with the video. 
By knowing  the outcome of a video you can use real life examples and it will sound authentic.


Be Yourself!

The world is all the more interesting because of the different people in it, so be proud of who you are and don't try to be something or someone your not.

That's the " Real Power of People"