Inspired by this ? I am

Watch this video and tell me what you feel at the end.

Inspired ? I am.   If I was Specialized bikes I'd give Tracey a job !

I didn't stumble upon this by accident , Tracey is a friend who lives her life with passion. Even when the chips are down she changes the goals and finds a way to get back on track.  

Business can learn a lot from peoples lives, from Tracey and the way people express themselves to what they want out of their time on earth.  

Tracey may have used domestic tools but her message is loud and clear.   

So why can't businesses use home made, hand held video ? Well you wouldn't scribble your marketing proposition on an A4 notepad would you?  Always remember your brand, your purpose and who's looking at you.  If you have a professional website and staff then why are you letting the side down by embedding a home video that shakes and has terrible audio? Your message is lost, whatever it is or was. 

Tracey is not a business and her video suits the task at hand. She is demonstrating her love of cycling and wants to shows her passion. What better medium than video. 

My reaction to Tracey's video is that I am inspired to do more things in my life and I want to meet this amazing person. (Luckily I have) 

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by Nikki Doick