Celebrating the journey of 2015

When tinsel and Xmas tunes start filling the shopping shelves it makes me stop and reflect on the year that been, even though its still only October !

 I know this early bird marketing is helping us maximize the season as well as fatten a few pockets but as a video production company it reminds us that it's time to chat to clients about reflecting on their journey so far and celebrating.  

What did you hope to achieve? Maybe you've already met those goals, or maybe those goals have changed. What's been the personal successes of your staff or clients? Did someone run their first marathon, were there babies born or did someone learn to play an instrument? Whatever an individual sees as a success to them has a huge impact to how they rock up at work the next day or how they treat their fellow comrades. These experiences make us who we are today. Either way, remembering where and who you are helps all of us take stock of just what a ride its been so far. 

 Now is the time to start getting those pictures, audio and video together so we can look back and smile at the triumphs, learn from those not so great moments, cry at the struggles and leave on our holidays feeling like we can't wait to see what the next part of the journey holds.

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by Nikki Doick