What you need to do to find success on Facebook in 2018 and beyond

Facebook and Google have a strangle hold on the ecosystem many businesses are relying on to find their advocates, communities and tribes. We always caution people that relying on one online service to tap into a market is not always best. Remember the main aim of facebook is to create conversation but to also keep the users on their page and not on your website. 

The average person spends approximately six hours online every single day and guess what?Social media represents 75% of that amount of time

So what if you really can't live without facebook

If you look at Facebook’s official announcement, there are clues as to how marketers can use the platform going forward.

“Page posts that generate conversation between people will show higher in News Feed. For example, live videos often lead to discussion among viewers on Facebook – in fact, live videos on average get six times as many interactions as regular videos. Many creators who post videos on Facebook prompt discussion among their followers, as do posts from celebrities. In Groups, people often interact around public content. Local businesses connect with their communities by posting relevant updates and creating events. And news can help start conversations on important issues.”

Conversation, conversation, conversation.

Let us know how facebook's new algorithm is working for your business. We'd love to hear how your going and let us know if you have any questions on how to get the community chatter to matter.



What makes a good video story?

Everyone has a story to tell, so what are our tips to tell it right?

 Videos that are interesting to watch

Videos that are interesting to watch

With the New Year off to a roaring start its a good time to start planning your video. The question is, how do you start planning when you don't know what makes a good video story.

Many people tell me they feel overwhelmed by everything they have to learn. There's so many technical bits and pieces but what about the storytelling? What happens to your creativity if you’re spending most of your brainpower on the technical aspects of videography?  

Here are some tips about how best to approach a video story:

  • Understand that video storytelling is different than writing a story for print. You can take your viewer on a journey that stimulates sight AND sound but remember your journey must have a particular point or message to tell in order to keep people watching.    
  • Long talking head narratives, with lots of fact and figures and little supporting overlay video, will put the viewer to sleep. 
  • Some video stories can be just music and great video but the visuals need to still tell a story. 
  • If you have a lot to say, do a series of videos. Define the purpose early, so your viewer is hooked within 20 - 30 seconds.
  • Visuals that connect to your narrative are important. Show the viewer what your video subjects are talking about not leaves glittering in the sun because its pretty. 
  • Visual variety and shot selection keep eyeballs glued to your video. Too many flat pictures can be boring. 
  • Finally, editing your footage and spending time crafting a story is just part of the workflow. Get the story right first and then worry about the technical, fancy stuff. If your story is good enough it may not need bells and whistles! 

If your looking for us to produce a video story we'd love to chat with you. 

Contact Us : hello@turningheadsmedia.com.au


The rub on a Facebook story

You know you want to tell your story with video and put it on Facebook but where do you start?

Putting myself in your shoes I went to the first place that a majority of people go when they need to solve a problem or get something done. The keeper of all knowledge "Google"  

 I was confronted with a meaty 339,000,000 results. Ouch!  Who has time for that sort of research these days. A video example is waaaaaay better so I set a little challenge for the THM crew.  

We'd seen some of the work Saltwood Designs had been doing and loved it. Karl's bespoke business would be a great example for producing a shareable video on Facebook. Its so visual and his stunning work would pop on screen.  Would he be a willing participant for our short n sharp production challenge ? Indeeedy .. Yay, Thanks Karl :)

Our challenge was to produce a video that was under 2 minutes long, uploaded to Facebook and needed to give you the brief low down of Karl's business.  As it was a passion project we only had half the usual production time to do it in. Arrrr

Where do we start ? In the 20 years I've been producing video projects, clients will always hear us ask these 3 main questions at the start of a project and here's why we ask them.

Where’s the video going? Although everything is online each platform has a certain audience and way to digest your video. This video is to be released on Facebook so the main aim is to stylise the video for the auto play rollover without audio. Intriguing pictures from the start that tell a story without any sound.  

Next, what's the video trying to achieve? Awareness is our main aim.  Karl's work speaks for itself and he has many repeat clients however in a world full of renovation and rejuvenation, we want to spread the word outside his current network that Karl is a man who can create furniture with a difference. We want the right people knocking on Karl's door.  

Lastly and most importantly, where do we want people to go after the video stops? This video is short so our aim is give people an insight to Karl and his business. We want people to be curious enough to want to know more either by visiting his website or looking at his Instagram page. 

Remember when people are looking at you and your brand they're on a journey too. Just like a great story you need to know where you want to take the viewer and have content when they get there. 

Need some help? Call us for a video and a  video strategy.   

By Nicole Doick




The Art of Storytelling

Everyone loves a great story and everyone has a story to tell. This video explains that the digitally empowered universe we find ourselves in today and continues the art of storytelling but its now being driven by everyone and not just broadcasters. Use these newly aquired powers for good and you will bask in the support of advocates around the world.

Bring Communities together

Turning Heads mantra is to bring communities together so when we produced some videos for the Education Department we jumped with joy when the outcome was doing just that.

We flew up and down WA documenting the fabulous project Aboriginal English storybooks. 

Mixing with such inspiring proactive people and students re-enforced that even though change may take a while , IT IS POSSIBLE.

Checkout some stories here


Inspired in 2016

Instead of worrying about my New Year's resolutions I like to spend my time thinking of what will inspire us at the start of the year while I'm eating the chocolate I swore I wouldn't eat. 

THM is always striving to motivate our communities with interesting and story driven narratives to inspire you. Let's think outside the box in 2016 and bring on clever communication. 

Checkout these videos to get the creative cookies baking.

Giving it away for FREE!

Recently we put together a video to celebrate some of our wonderful neighbouring businesses. This video was given for them to use on their own social media website and Youtube for free!

Old rule of thumb is never give things away for free otherwise people won't value the product or YOU!   However the occasional value -add (as we like to call it) can kick off a wonderful start to building long relationships and giving people an experience that motivates them to seek out your services. Myths are banished, assumptions are annihilated and barriers are broken. 

We now know another side to our gang here in Balcatta, they know more about us and we all have a good giggle when we bump into each other in the kitchen while we're making our cuppa.  This is definitely the start of something that will last.  

For help with your value-add video contact us

by Nikki Doick

Inspired by this ? I am

Watch this video and tell me what you feel at the end.

Inspired ? I am.   If I was Specialized bikes I'd give Tracey a job !

I didn't stumble upon this by accident , Tracey is a friend who lives her life with passion. Even when the chips are down she changes the goals and finds a way to get back on track.  

Business can learn a lot from peoples lives, from Tracey and the way people express themselves to what they want out of their time on earth.  

Tracey may have used domestic tools but her message is loud and clear.   

So why can't businesses use home made, hand held video ? Well you wouldn't scribble your marketing proposition on an A4 notepad would you?  Always remember your brand, your purpose and who's looking at you.  If you have a professional website and staff then why are you letting the side down by embedding a home video that shakes and has terrible audio? Your message is lost, whatever it is or was. 

Tracey is not a business and her video suits the task at hand. She is demonstrating her love of cycling and wants to shows her passion. What better medium than video. 

My reaction to Tracey's video is that I am inspired to do more things in my life and I want to meet this amazing person. (Luckily I have) 

For help with your inspiring professional video contact us

by Nikki Doick


Celebrating the journey of 2015

When tinsel and Xmas tunes start filling the shopping shelves it makes me stop and reflect on the year that been, even though its still only October !

 I know this early bird marketing is helping us maximize the season as well as fatten a few pockets but as a video production company it reminds us that it's time to chat to clients about reflecting on their journey so far and celebrating.  

What did you hope to achieve? Maybe you've already met those goals, or maybe those goals have changed. What's been the personal successes of your staff or clients? Did someone run their first marathon, were there babies born or did someone learn to play an instrument? Whatever an individual sees as a success to them has a huge impact to how they rock up at work the next day or how they treat their fellow comrades. These experiences make us who we are today. Either way, remembering where and who you are helps all of us take stock of just what a ride its been so far. 

 Now is the time to start getting those pictures, audio and video together so we can look back and smile at the triumphs, learn from those not so great moments, cry at the struggles and leave on our holidays feeling like we can't wait to see what the next part of the journey holds.

For help with your look back at 2015 video contact us

by Nikki Doick

Kilos of Rubbish converted into wifi 3G

At THM one of our values is making the world a better place. This is why I love this video so much. Not only has this company marketed a product for their client but they've also solved a problem in the world.   This has got to be warm fuzziness all round. 

The Tunisia Beaches were littered with rubbish and cell phone reception was terrible so Tunisia Telcom installed a wifi booster. For every kilo of rubbish collected it increased the strength of the wifi.  

No longer is the world of marketing and sharing just for selling  its also for helping people improving their lives. 




Increase your reach with Facebook - It works !

Everyone tells you Facebook is amazing and although I know it can be mind blowing I never really realise how amazing.

Mostly I use it for looking at funny videos or to live vicariously through my friends who travel.  Ahhh, those were the days. 

Now I can't stop talking about one of the most powerful platforms on this planet.  My tale begins on a frosty Monday morning. As I rushed out of my front door, I look to the front verge where my beloved Kombi letterbox once stood proudly waiting for fan-mail (lol, as if )

As I rub my eyes and stop in my tracks, all I can see is a mountain of sand and one big hole in the ground.  The Kombi's been STOLEN !

 They managed to leave the weeds !

They managed to leave the weeds !

So disgusted by this selfish act I take to social media in the hope that the Power of People would bring the Kombi home.  Did I think it would work ? Nahhh not really, but it didn't stop me from trying.  

I contacted the local paper with my tale of woe but I needed a faster more instant reach to everyone, even people I didn't know.  FACEBOOK 

I take to my homepage and  post pictures of the kombi and how I miss it.  Bills now don't have a safe haven to rest. Not that I am complaining. 

As time ticks past the list of people chatting about the stolen Kombi grows. Momentum increases as other Facebook friends reposted my distress. Comments and giggles circle the globe. The hunt for the yellow Kombi is now in full swing. 

Kate interviews the postie on camera to keep the story alive. He misses the Kombi terribly.  

A few days pass and Sandie (THM's PR Guru) contacts 94.5 radio in the hope they will send the story to orbit on their FB page.  They post our plight and comments.  Likes and posts hit triple figures.  I wonder if someone in Antarctica has seen the pictures in their newsfeed ? Probably

Its been gone for 5 days now and my phone keeps pinging as I receive yet another comment or like.  Back at the ranch Kate pulls into the driveway and almost drives into the house, she can't believe her eyes the Kombi's back.  The neighbour comes running down, "a guy found it buried just across the road and said his uncle had talked about how it was all over facebook" 

Whilst many questions still remain about where the Kombi travelled  in those few days, I'd like to thank the stranger who brought it back. You didn't have to but you did and we are very thankful.

With our lives being online, 24hr news and devices that record every moment, no-one can hide but on a lighter side people can also help.

 I can now say I've seen the power of social media with my own eyes and its AWESOME ! 

The reach of something worth sharing can generate not only fabulous results but it lets you know just how people feel. Its isn't about the odd post or picture, or a half thought out comment. It's about strategy, creativity and planning. Tailor the message to the medium and watch it work miracles.  

As for the Kombi,  I've taken the many posts of advice I received over those 5 days.  The Kombi now has two bags of cement at its feet and a car alarm.  She ain't going nowhere but she is famous everywhere!

Pics below of our cementing ceremony with our neighbours and the cementing handy work of Robert. Thanks everyone. 

How Silly is it to be Sensible?

I was listening to a podcast today and a man named Jonathan talked about having room for a little bit of silliness in your life.  I totally agree ! 

Often we follow the safe path in business, especially small business because we have limited resources and no time to veer outside the middle ground of apparent safety. 

So why can't his middle ground include something that's a little bit silly or a little bit light or a little bit fun?

At THM we believe even when we have to be a little bit grown up and restrained there's always room for fun because life is in essence is about having fun, taking risks and going on adventures.

This got me to thinking of my fondest memories and how we strive everyday in our work to keep the fun alive even in our boring tasks like admin ! 

Jonathan went on to say "Show me where the truly sensible people are, Show me where the great reward for living a life which is ticking all the right boxes but not touching the right parts of your heart. Your heart needs to be addressed, its needs , its feelings need to be respected. Theres nothing silly about giving that a level of priority" 

Here, here Jonathan !

You don’t need to be reckless, you dont need to push boundaries too far in all directions but what if following the crowd and playing it safe has limited your horizons. There's been too much fear and not quite enough fun.

Reach for something that will give you more fulfilment and bring more magic into your life.

It may just be the key that opens up a whole bunch of solutions. 

That's not so silly is it ?



Prepare to be Interviewed

Just relax, imagine the camera isn't even there. Easier said than done.

We know that sometimes having a lens starring at you isn't something your comfortable with but these tips will help you to turn what you think will be a hard experience into what will seem like a friendly chat when you watch the final video.



When your nervous you tend to talk like a runaway train. Hoping that if you say the answer fast the interview might be over faster. It won't ! It also makes you look like you are not credible so breathe, take pauses to collect your thoughts and keep the answers fairly short so you don't lose your way. 


Don't Script it

Ask the interviewer or Producer what they are looking to target with the video. 
By knowing  the outcome of a video you can use real life examples and it will sound authentic.


Be Yourself!

The world is all the more interesting because of the different people in it, so be proud of who you are and don't try to be something or someone your not.

That's the " Real Power of People" 


Preparing for a video

What is your video ?

To make a great video you need to start with answering these questions rather than I just need video. A video with purpose will always come out on top. 

Ask yourself these questions 

  • What is the title of your project?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What will be the stages shown in the video?  Ie: what exercises? 
  • *Best to plan out what you will be doing and we can help you with how you will present it.
  • Do you have a location you’d like to film in ?
  • Will you need any interviews?
  • Do you have a style you’d like to use? Ie are there any videos you've seen.  Send the producer a link
  • Estimated length of video?
  • Why are you wanting to make a video?  Ie: part of your marketing plan, promote health?
  • What dates are you looking to film?  Please factor in your availability, prep time to organise the filming and people who are involved in the video.
  • What type of action would you like people to have after watching the video? 
  • When do you need the video completed by?  A specific event?
  • How will you distribute the video? 

Why Start with Why?

Most people will tell you I believe everyone has a story to tell. When I'm chatting to clients, the discovery phase of our project is a tale of how or why the video has come to our door. More often than not it’s a tale of triumph or woe. Then a funny little cat called copy decides to take up residence and the essence that will connect and capture the audience is watered down or even worse drowned! Your clients, customers and staff buy your products and work for your company because they believe what you believe. My advice, don't lose it!

One man who understands and talks about the ‘why’ is Simon Sinek. I use his teachings on a daily basis for our own company and your videos. Communicating your ‘why’ with passion and finding early adopters to your brand is definitely a recipe for success.